IT Strategy and Management Skills


This seminar and workshop is about achieving this in the most inspiring, effective and painless ways possible. It starts with how transformational changes in the IT market have created four generations of Corporate Strategy for IT, maps where we are today, and the exposes the ultimate end-game. Then, based on the real-life experiences of enterprises around the world, it lays out proven, practical innovations for guiding people through the next big step on the journey.

The course covers the following topics:

IT market watch: is this the end of ‘IT Strategy’?

Transformations in the IT market

The FruITion Strategy® - the four generations of Corporate Strategy for IT

Introduction and background

The CIO’s strategic promise

Rapidly formulating a strategy that is meaningful and memorable

Maximising the strategy’s contribution and influence

Integrating IT with corporate and business strategies

Why strategic integration = paradox management

Exploring some fundamentals of corporate strategy

Investing in business change and IT

Investing in business change and IT

Transforming IT budgets into a digital investment portfolio

Using Enterprise Architecture to drive business innovation

Organisation design, investment process, accountabilities and governance

The IT-related competencies you cannot outsource



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